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Investing in the future

The KOHL Group continues to expand its capacities

- Despite the pandemic, the three locations have continued to invest to ensure optimal production processes in the long term and to expand capacity.

Pictures from left to right:

Image 1: Since the end of 2020, the new 5-axis milling machine in Cologne has been the new centrepiece of the tool shop. This technological leap will improve the possibilities and optimise the lead time for new projects.

Figure2: Since January 2021 Plant 2 in Słubice has a new laser cutting machine. The machine can cut sheets up to 4000x2500 format simultaneously with two laser heads.

Fig. 3: In Słubice a new measuring machine (table size 1000x1200 mm 600 mm z-axis) now also provides state-of-the-art measuring technology in plant 2. This means that in-process measurement is also possible here at any time.

Figure 4: At the end of January 2021 the mechanical processing in Słubice was expanded by a 6-axis CNC milling machine. This enables the machining of workpieces up to 2600x700x700 mm (x-, y-, z-axes).

Whether deep drawing, embossing, laser cutting, welding or assembly - we form sophisticated components from steel, stainless steel and aluminium. For end products from a wide variety of industries. We develop and design the necessary tools and fixtures in-house - 360° service from a single source.
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